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Media Center Master: The Free Metadata Solution
The core features of Media Center Master are and always will be free. I believe strongly in the value of free software and its benefit to everyone.

However, the Media Center Master project takes a large amount of my time to maintain as websites that it uses often change their HTML formatting, APIs, or other processes that Media Center Master relies on. In addition to this maintenance, I am constantly adding new features and expanding existing systems to benefit as many of you as I can.

So Media Center Master has two versions: a free version and a premium version.

The Free Version
The free version has all of the application's core features, including metadata fetching and organization for movies, T.V. shows, and adult titles, tools to facilitate metadata repair, and more. The free version is available indefinitely without expiration.

The Premium Version
On first launch, Media Center Master will automatically acquire a license to authorize your installation. If your installation has not received a license before, you will automatically get the demo version for thirty days that grants full access to all premium features.

The premium version will unlock all of Media Center Master's premium features, including post-processing, theatrical trailer downloading, automated T.V. and movie downloading (supporting usenet/NZBs as well as torrents), new movie and T.V. episode parsing, uTorrent auto-manager, video file details (inspection), subtitles downloading, and much more.

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